Tech Valley Technologies (TVT), situated in the heart of “Tech Valley”, was founded as a Research & Development and Engineering firm by a U.S. Vietnam Veteran, with a mission:  to make training “as real as possible” for the soldiers and, in doing so, to save lives. Today, TVT is a WBE-certified economically disadvantaged and family-owned small business.  We have grown and broadened our focus, yet, we have never wavered from this mission.

Founded in early 2003 from the owner’s garage, TVT has grown from its early beginnings to a significant small business that has widespread impact – locally, regionally, nationally and globally. In an increasingly challenging economy, with ongoing budgetary constraints and limited resources, our customers have continued to turn to TVT to help meet training needs and requirements –  their confidence is based on TVT’s proven technologies, reputation and product performance since 2008.

TVT has built a solid and well experienced team of professionals that work hard every day to go above and beyond. The Company’s focus is to help ALL of our customers identify exact needs and, in doing so, fulfill specific and varied requests for realistic training.  If there is an issue, we address it as quickly and thoroughly as possible – outstanding and  responsible Customer Service is critically important to us. In addition to TVT’s capabilities as a WBE-Certified Economically Disadvantaged Small Business Manufacturer, our Company is an experienced engineering design firm.

Be it the U.S. Military, U.S. Government, Law Enforcement, Recreational Shooting/Shooting Sports, or larger Defense Contractors, TVT is poised to assist by continuing to:

– provide TARGETS & TRAINING PRODUCTS that perform well and fit all budgets,

INNOVATE and provide cutting edge technologies, and

– be a RESOURCE for our customers.





Contact us today to learn more about our advanced solutions for today’s complex target training needs.