Precision Scoring Targets

Hit Detection/Precision Scoring/Reactive Targets: TVT has several TARGET products that allow users to detect a precise hit location (‘hit/kill vs. non-hit/miss’).

These targets are available for both Live Fire Training and/or Simunition (Airsoft, Paintball) Training. TVT has several products:

(1) Human Interactive Target System/HITS is a full-size human, Live Fire Manikin Target that can be actively engaged from 360 degrees, offers Hit Detection capabilities and, due to its ability to ‘frump’ realistically (similar to a human), may be hidden behind furniture and/or objects to create an element of surprise. HITS may be ideal for MOUT, Shoot House and/or CACTF Training. HITS is the most realistic robotic manikin training target available today

2) Urban Target System/UTS is a torso-sized target that allows shooters to train with Airsoft and/or Paintball and see, in real-time via a computer screen, an instantaneous shot pattern of ‘hit/lethal’ or ‘miss/non-lethal’. UTS takes the guesswork out of training and improves After Action Review with on-point, accurate feedback

(3) Humannequin is a Marine-grade Target System currently being deployed by the U.S. Navy during night-time training engagements, given both its patented Thermal and Hit Detection capabilities. Humannequin is a Live Fire Target that is deployed on Sea Doos and boats in a Seaborne environment and is used to accurately, and more specifically, train to address oceanic threats.



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