Every shooter has been through it, the dreaded wait until another shooter is done shooting before being able to go down range and change to a new target.

All shooters are different. Some want to change targets after a few shots, some will shoot 30 minutes or more before a change.

With the Tarbot, you can change your target from the comfort and safety of your shooting position with the simple push of a button.
Using a wireless keyfob, you can advance the target roll to a new target on command – thats a lot of walking time saved clearing the range and securing weapons. With the Tarbot, plenty of targets are available on command without the hike.


Key Benefits
  • Advance targets on command, when YOU are ready
  • Range of up to 1,000 yards *
  • Each Tarbot operates on its own frequency, without interference
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor ranges
  • More trigger time equals increased shooting proficencies
  • Replacement parts available
  • Link 2 or more Tarbots with one remote *
  • Modular Construction makes for easy and affordable part replacement and repair
Custom Target Rolls Available

Choose from a large selection of targets ranging from bullseyes and grids to silhouettes, or create your own by providing your own custom images.*

* indicates optional features. Ask for details.

Tarbot Basic

Tarbot Advanced



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