New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Working with Local Company

Tech Valley Technologies’ Tarbot target system is a growing hit among instructors in the New York 4-H Shooting Sports Program. As more instructors and youth are exposed to this product, it increases their ability to safely provide shooting opportunities that enable more shooters and greater instructor oversight.

The New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Program is considered to be the largest multi-disciplinary youth shooting program that is available across the Empire State. The rifle and archery disciplines are popular in 4-H clubs, camps and special interest programs. The air pistol discipline is the fastest growing.

The challenge for the instructors during range time is to provide youthful shooters or instructors in training with hands on, experiential learning by shooting air pistols either indoors or outside. The Tarbot target system from Tech Valley Technologies enables one to five shooters to shoot at the same targets, and to change both the shooters and targets without going downrange. The Tarbot is well constructed and withstands frequently being moved to accommodate rifle and air pistol venues.

The Tarbot grows with the skills of the participants, especially for rifle shooters who graduate from air rifles to .22 rim fire events and moving to the 100 yard range when preparing for the hunting discipline with center fire rifles.
NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator Bill Schwerd noted that the Tarbot Target was introduced to instructors in 2014. “The Tarbot enables more shooters to work on their skills and techniques, reinforces range ethics and the stand is portable and well-constructed for use with youth programs. It is a great addition to our program.”

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Wilton, NY, November 13, 2014 – Tech Valley Technologies, Inc. (TVT), an innovative design and manufacturing WPE-certified EDWOSB, is excited to introduce its newest target product for training – the Tarbot.

Tarbot is an affordable, easy-to-use target system for adults and supervised Junior Shooters. Now, you can quickly and easily advance your paper targets from the safety and convenience of your shooting position. With the Tarbot, there is no need to go down range to change out your targets, allowing you to gain additional trigger time.

Every shooter has been through it, the dreaded wait until another shooter is done shooting before being able to go down range and change to a new target. Shooters are all different. Some want to change targets after a few shots, some will shoot 30 minutes or more before a change.

Tarbot benefits include the ability to advance targets on command, when YOU are ready. Shooters can engage the Tarbot from 200 to 1,000 yards, making it ideal for rifle and/or pistol target practice. Tarbot is safe for indoor and outdoor ranges, making it flexible and adaptable to a variety of range settings. Tarbor’s modular construction makes for easy repair and parts replacement.

Tarbot is fun to use, saves you time, and keeps you safer than using traditional static paper targets.

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Since 2008, Tech Valley Technologies, Inc. (TVT) is an innovative designer and manufacturer of realistic Gradient Thermal and Hit Detection/Precision Scoring Targets for training the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement. Based out of Wilton, NY, the company provides Federal, State, and Local customers with real-world, Live Fire and Simunition targets for training at ranges across the United States and around the globe. While TVT continues our important work with the U.S. Government, the company is leveraging its vast knowledge and expanding its reach via our newest target products, for shooting qualification and/or recreational target practice.


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