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New Target System benefits Shooting Enthusiasts, Recreational Shooters, Hunters, Firearms Training

Wilton, NY, March 13, 2015 – Tech Valley Technologies, Inc. (TVT), an innovative design and manufacturing WBE-Certified Small Business, is excited to introduce its newest target product for training, the TARBOT. In the March/April 2015 issue of World of Firepower magazine, TARBOT was named a “Top 10 Tech Gadget at the 2015 SHOT SHOW”.

TARBOT is an affordable, easy-to-use paper target system for adults and supervised Junior Shooters. With TARBOT, you can quickly and easily advance  your paper targets from the safety and convenience of your shooting position. There is no need to go down range to change out your targets, allowing you to gain additional target practice and increased trigger time.

TARBOT benefits include the ability to advance targets on command, when YOU are ready. Shooters can engage TARBOT from 200 to 1,000 yards, making  it ideal for rifle and/or pistol shooting. TARBOT is safe for indoor and outdoor ranges, given its flexibility and adaptability to a variety of range settings. Finally, TARBOT’s modular construction makes for easy repair and parts replacement.

TARBOT saves time, saves steps, and keeps shooters safer at the range.

To learn more about TARBOT, visit our *NEW* website at

About Tech Valley Technologies, Inc.:

Established in 2003, Tech Valley Technologies (TVT) is a WBE-certified, innovative engineering & manufacturing firm that produces Thermal and Hit Detection/ Reactive Targets. Based in Wilton, NY, TVT works with federal, state, and Local U.S.Military & Law Enforcement by providing Live Fire and Simunition targets for range and armor training. TVT ships products to locations throughout the United States and internationally. More recently, TVT has begun adapting these technologies to Commercial/Recreational Shooting for qualification and target practice.

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